Wednesday, August 10, 2005


A Peek Into Somebodies Private Life

If you really want to see how people live, you need to get a job that entails entering other peoples homes. Some of the observations I made when I was a plumber in SoCal:

1. Most dirt poor, illeagal aliens keep very neat and tidy homes. Their children tend to be well behaved, but not their dogs. Also, most mexican women can cook food that smells so good that I considered waving my fee if they would let me stay for dinner, of course they weren't the ones paying us, their landlord was.

2. Some people live in filth that would make a hog blush. I have seen filth that the average person can't imagine. Garbage (including rotting food) all over the floor , clothes as far as the eye can see (I assume there was a floor only because the clothes/trash had to be resting on something, I couldn't actually see it), kids running around looking like refugees from a "Feed the Children" commercial. I could not imagine living like that at all, let alone of my own accord.

3. There is no stench quite like the stench of a house that is home to ten or more cats, especially when those cats belong to an elderly person who is too infirm to properly care for them. Litter boxes overflow, cats find new "litter boxs", and sometimes a cat will crawl behind a piece of furniture and die, its corpse remaining untouched for God only knows how long. I guarantee that nothing short of a sulfer factory even comes close, an open sewer is like a fresh spring breeze by comparison.

4. Many housewives can be very .....uhh.....friendly. I was always professional and never took advantage of the situation, but I could have.

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