Monday, July 25, 2005


Who is Screwing Up America

In honor of Bernard Goldberg's excellent new book "100 People Who are Screwing Up America" I have put out the call to some of the bloggers I respect most asking for their #1 nominee, along with suitable reasoning of course. The only rule was to be original, don't just cough up one of the usual suspects unless you had some compelling new reason we should loathe said person (there's not much fun to be had in beating a dead horse.) Results below.

Frightened people are screwing up this country today. Risk aversion has become a tool of professional politicians and the "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!" story of the week is in the papers every day. That's where gun control, among many other idiotic ideas, came from. Fear--- usually of NOTHING--- will be the downfall of this nation.

Jim of Smoke on the Water:
Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Former chief counsel of the ACLU, and in my view should have never, ever have been nominated, much less confirmed. Talk about a built-in conflict of interest, she's the poster-child for a lifetime recusement, not appointment. Anyway, she and Souter are driving the Internationalist (communist) trend in the courts.

Subjecting U.S. Constitutional law to the review of extra-constitutional influences, much less foreign influences is beyond treason. Sadly, the uninformed sheeple would rather feed their reality-show addictions, all the while blissfully igonorant of the reality of their freedom and sovereignty being rapidly forfiet by anti-American bitch in a black robe.

I would not cry were she to be struck by lightning.

Mad Ogre:

Peter Singer of
Princeton University
. Mr. Singer has got to be the most disgusting human being in the United States. Indeed, he tops the list… higher on the roster than Michael Moore, higher than Tom Dash-Hole… Higher even than Ed Asner and even Bill Clinton. Do you know why? This guy is so far Left on the political spectrum, he is Infra-Liberal. My history professor at my college had given a lesson about the political wheel of life… that politics is like a ring with centrist moderates at the top and then right and left according to tradition, and bending through Communism and Fascism on either end down to totalitarianism. Peter “Lennon Wasn’t Left Enough” Singer breaks this metaphor with a sledgehammer. Prof. Barton is going to have to draw a new map to include Peter Singer’s particular brand of nucking futs. I think the Pie Chart of Politics is going to have to be shaped like a Frying Pan now. This wouldn’t be so bad if it was just one super-liberal dipshit. Here is the bad news. This guy is a Tenured Professor at Princeton University… he is teaching his brand of Ultra-Bullshit to others… he is the one that all these new young and impressionable minds are following… this is the guy that is writing tomorrows liberal political agenda. Brothers and Sisters of the Horde – I submit that Peter Singer is the most dangerous man in the world. Peter Singer is the Ogre’s #1 Most Wanted to Bitch-Slap with a cinderblockTM. I was living my life happily oblivious of this jack-hole, Peter Singer. I learned of him through Hillsdale College’s newsletter “Imprimis”. And I learned of Imprimis from Paul Harvey. Thanks Paul. Now I can’t sleep at night. Peter Singer’s Ideas:
#1: Middle Class Americans should pay 33% of your first $30,000 and 100% of everything over that [in taxes].
#2: Infanticide: It’s a Good Idea! You have 28 days to think about it after the birthday.
#3: Bestiality: Once you have Cat – You never go back! Doggie Style? Be sure to lift up the tail!
#4: Animals for Food? That’s like the Nazi-Jew Holocaust!
I’m only comforted in the fact that this lunatic is not just my own worry. This person should be expelled from the United States… Preferably in a locked and weighted duffle-bag into the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean.

My nomination?

I'd have to go with Chuck Schumer (though Dianne Feinstein got serious consideration for the same reasons.) Why Chuck? He pretty much encapsulates everyhing that goes against that which I am for.

1. He is a GFW in the first degree. He actively seeks to curtail our second amendment rights and insure that we are unarmed subjects as opposed to armed citizens.

2. He is a revisionist. He believes the constitution is a living document that needs to be updated in order to be applicable to our modern society.

3. He is an obstructionist. Somebody forgot to tell Chuck that the donks lost the presidential election (not to mention the majority of the legislative seats.) He seeks to impose his will on the nation, majority be damned, and if that means obstructing the presidents nominations, or new Republican sponsored laws, so be it.

So there you have it. I didn't get as many responses as I would have liked, ohh well, it was still intersting and perhaps when my blog is more well known I will get a better response. If anybody has a thought on who's screwing up America e-mail it to me and I'll post it.

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