Saturday, July 23, 2005


Michael Czysz, American Hero

OK, hero might be a bit of hyperbole, but this is a man I truly admire. He is trying something that nobody else in America has been able to accomplish, try as they might. Michael Czysz (pronounced sis, like sister) is building, from scratch, a completely revolutionary, state of the art, competitive, American sports bike. Eric Buell has tried, but being chained to Harley Davidson has essentially ensured that his bikes will always be an also ran. They handle well, but they are underpowered, and given 2 riders of equal skill, cannot compete with any of the Big 4's 600cc sportbikes, let alone the liter bikes that their +900cc engines demand they be compared against. Csysz on the other hand is going racing. His Motoczysz C1 is being built to compete (and hopefully win) in MotoGP. It's about time the US caught up with the rest of the world and started building bikes worthy of our national pride. Godspeed Mr Czysz, and good luck.

Official Motoczysz Website

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