Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Honda Ridgeline

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that the Honda Ridgeline is going to be a flop two reasons. I'll list them here for you. Don't thank me, I'm a giver.

1. Asthetics - the Honda truck looks like the bastard love child of an H2 and a Chevy Avalanche IMO. There isn't anything really original about it and if I wanted an Avalanche, I'd buy an Avalanche.

2. Owner loyalty - Most truck owners tend to be very loyal.

a) In the rural market the big three reign supreme. You would have to visit many farms or ranches to find a truck that didn't wear a bowtie/blue oval/rams head on its grill, so I don't see the Ridgeline gaining any market share there.

b) In the urban/suburban market the Ridgeline might receive a better welcome, but it will also face more competition. Whereas the rural market is effectively closed, the urban market is more open, and more fierce. Not only do you have to face the big three, you also have to face Nissan and Toyota, both of whom have an excellent product. Nissan and Toyota also have market name recognition. Both companies have been in the truck market for over 20 years, and both companies have mid-sized trucks designed to appeal to younger buyers with smaller budgets. When those younger buyers grow up and make better money, that brand loyalty then influences them to buy a full size Nissan or Toyota. The big three also use this same strategy in the urban/suburban market. Honda has no such entry level truck with which to attract young buyers.

If the Honda sells well then I'll eat my words, but I feel safe in predicting that this might be Honda's biggest mistake in recent memory. If the Ridgeline stays alive for more than 2 - 3 years it will only be because Honda has deep enough pockets to eat the loss, not because of any profitability.

I agree.
The Ridgline looks like a kitchen appliance, and the bed?
The bed is only just big enough to load a Quad into... but someone else will have to carry the ramp. There is no room for it. I know this because I watched a guy load one up. Its a good thing it was only a 450, because a 650 would have been too large.
Oh, and the suspension was seriously stressed with that one little 450. The bed is just unusable for real work.
I'm not sure what type of guy is going to be after these Hondas... but I'm not one of them.
What? It ain't a Ford! YYYYEEEHAWWWW, lets go drink some beer and shoot at it!


HHOOOEEEE BOY! I'd rather drive me Ford and burn ma Chevy that drive me one o' them thar lib'rul woont say that thar thing on old oval!
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