Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Bush's Choice is Questionable

President Bush has done the one thing that many in the conservative base which got him thought he would not, he nominated a conservative, white, male to take the place of SDO on the USSC. I'm a wee bit skeptical however that this choice is going to help the President, and more importantly purple state senators like Rick Santorum, gain support in the conservative grassroots movement. Many political junkies like myself were looking for Bush to nominate a constructionist in the mold of Thomas, alas it appears that Bush couldn't bring himself to do it. John Roberts Jr. could be a solid choice casting conservative friendly votes and helping to return our country to its constitutional roots, or he could be SDO II, casting unpredicable tie breaking votes that cause both conservatives and liberals to fear his presence on the bench. Fact is we just don't know. He has made statements that indicate he could go either way. I haven't seen his record from his two years on the appellate court, but I'm sure it will soon be brought to light. I'm more than a little uneasy about this choice, and besides, I wanted to see Bill Frist and Harry Reid slugging it out on the Senate floor for my own personal amusement. Alas, Roberts will likely be confirmed with only minor opposition, and there lies the problem, if the Dems don't absolutely seeth at the prospect of the President's nominee being confirmed, then chances are the nominee is not the right judge for the job.

I wish I could disagree man.

We shall see, a lot of judges have changed once they hit the supremes....
I think that many Dems are not up to fighting this nomination because they are unwilling to expend their precious political capital on a fight they know they will lose, both on the floor of the United States Senate and in the court of public opinion.

Not saying Roberts is perfect (though I did choose him as my best guess this afternoon before the announcement), but I am saying that he will get confirmed (and would be confirmed regardless of whether or not the Dems tried to block him).
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